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Adam Taubert

Personal Profile

In 2018, I made a pivot from art to the outdoor industry to begin developing my career as an instructor in adventure sports like Rock Climbing and Alpine Skiing. After a few years of working closely with hundreds of clients, I recognized a commonality in my clients – they had all found some resolve in their outdoor activities as a means to work through difficult, and oftentimes, very traumatic experiences from the past. 

I deepened my approach by spending long periods of time in the wilderness to understand the benefits of the natural world in relation to mental and physical health. This lead me down a path to become a nationally-registered Wilderness First Responder. I took it a step further by successfully completing my master certification as a Health and Wellness Coach to advise and coach clients with chronic and acute illness, maladaptive behavior, puberty, and major life changes  by developing detailed patient assessments, meal plans, movement analysis, and proven talk therapy modalities under the guise of a whole body approach. 

In the same year, I was awarded a three-year scholarship to study and research trauma via the Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute founded by Dr. Peter Levine – a leader in trauma therapy worldwide that has worked closely with an array of prominent therapists like Dr. Gabor Maté and Dr. Richard Schwartz, responsible for Internal Family Systems Therapy. 

I am currently a returning-student in my final semester at the University of Colorado Boulder pursuing my Bachelors of Science in Neuroscience with an open application to continue my education with a Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Denver.

I own a private coaching practice in Boulder, Colorado and work as a Behavioral Health Therapist at Boulder Community Hospital in their Inpatient Psych Unit. I also teach private ski lessons throughout the Rocky Mountains in the winter season, and love spending my down time with my wife and dog Stella kayaking, climbing, and hiking!

Get in touch to learn more about my journey as a very anxious kid diagnosed with Crohn's Disease who became a college athlete, founded a creative firm for 10 years in another country, and achieved sobriety against all odds.

I'd love to explore how you can get healthy, feel good, and attain the life you deserve!

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